The Financial Times reports that Carnival Corporation ignored warnings about flu-like symptoms showing up in cruise ship passengers when their own ships’ doctor reported them back in February of 2020. Dr. Nadia Nair, the senior physician aboard the Grand Princess, described an outbreak of influenza-like symptoms to the cruise line’s management team, yet no additional protective measures were taken. Over 100 passengers and crew aboard the Grand Princess from two separate voyages contracted Covid-19, which led to the deaths of two people.

Lawyers for over 50 of the passengers in the class action lawsuit against Carnival alleged that  Carnival’s senior management team knew about the outbreak on board the ship, yet chose to do nothing. Indeed, Carnival assured passengers of the ship’s safety, and told passengers who wanted to cancel that they would have to pay a 90% cancellation fee.

“Before this pandemic started, Carnival knew its cruise ships were at seriously increased risk for spreading deadly contagious diseases,” said Lieff Cabraser partner Mark Chalos, who represents the passengers. “As we alleged in our lawsuits, Carnival ignored obvious warning signs that it was putting its passengers at risk.”

Since Carnival resumed  business, another of its cruise ships, the Carnival Vista,  reported that dozens of passengers tested positive for coronavirus. One elder passenger was taken to a hospital in Belize where he died of Covid-19.  Among other claims relating to injuries and safety, the lawsuit argues Carnival should not be permitted to continue running its cruise trips in light of this news without making significant changes to protect passengers.

Read the full article at the Financial Times here. (Subscription required)

Learn more about the Carnival and Princess Cruise Lines COVID-19 Virus Outbreak Negligence Lawsuit.

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