Antitrust & Intellectual Property


Result: $150 million settlement
Year: 2005

In re Lupron Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation

In May 2005, the Court granted final approval to a settlement of a class action lawsuit by patients, insurance companies and health and welfare benefit plans that paid for Lupron, a prescription drug used to treat prostate cancer, endometriosis and precocious puberty.

The settlement required the defendants, Abbott Laboratories, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, and TAP Pharmaceuticals, to pay $150 million, inclusive of costs and fees, to persons or entities who paid for Lupron from January 1, 1985 through March 31, 2005.

Plaintiffs charged that the defendants conspired to overstate the drug’s average wholesale price, which resulted in plaintiffs paying more for Lupron than they should have paid. Lieff Cabraser served as Co-Lead Plaintiffs’ Counsel.