ClearChoice Dental Clinic Implant Defects & Fraudulent Marketing Investigation

We are investigating a growing series of patient complaints about ClearChoice Dental Clinics. Patients allege that the “implants in a day” clinics that target lower-income and middle income consumers sell defective products, and that the Clinics routinely use high-pressure sales tactics to oversell unnecessary additional implants. There are also concerns that ClearChoice aggressively steers patients toward same-day financing plans that are deceptively high-cost.

If you or a family member have gotten dental implants from a ClearChoice Dental Clinic and feel you might have been pressured into unnecessary and costly extra implants, or that your needed implants were of far lesser quality and endurance than promised, we urge you to use the form on this page to contact a lawyer at Lieff Cabraser today. We will review your potential case for free, and any info you provide will help us hold ClearChoice accountable for any and all misconduct as well as product hype, overselling, and defects.

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We will review your case without charge or obligation. Lieff Cabraser agrees to protect your name and all confidential information you submit against disclosure, publication or unauthorized use to the full extent under the law.

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