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eClinicalWorks Breach of Contract and Fraud

Lieff Cabraser represents healthcare providers in a class action lawsuit against eClinicalWorks, LLC, a provider of electronic health record (“EHR”) software.

According to the complaint, a critical component of eClinicalWorks’ products and services relating to Electronic Health Records (“EHR”) are its guarantees to client healthcare providers that its products meet certain federal standards by, for example, using a government-approved code set for electronically-transmitted prescriptions (“ePrescriptions”) and ensuring that patient records can be transferred easily and accurately.

eClinicalWorks’ customers claim the company’s software failed to meet these and other requirements for years. In May 2017, eClinicalWorks paid $155 million and entered into a Corporate Integrity Agreement to settle a lawsuit by the United States and a qui tam relator based in part on these same false statements, but that settlement does not call for any compensatory payments to the customers harmed by eClinicalWorks’ misconduct and its customers have not been made whole for their losses, including payments to eClinicalWorks that should be refunded, out-of-pocket costs, and, in some cases, lost or forfeited incentive payments made by government programs.

The case is captioned Carrollton Family Clinic, LLC, et al. v. eClinicalWorks, LLC, No. 17-cv-12530-RGS and is pending in the United States District Court of Massachusetts.

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