Ford Super Duty Diesel Emissions Complaints

Lieff Cabraser is investigating consumer complaints that Ford Motor Company illegally installed “defeat devices” in its model year 2011-2017 F-250 and F-350 diesel Super Duty trucks to evade emissions standards.

Ford advertised the trucks as their “cleanest ever” and claimed they achieved “best in class” fuel economy. In reality, Ford’s Super Duty diesel trucks pollute well above legal limits and can achieve the touted fuel efficiencies only by substantially reducing emissions controls in actual road use. On-road and laboratory testing indicates that under normal conditions, the trucks emit Nitrous Oxide (NOx) up to five times the legal limit; with increased payload (towing), the trucks emit up to 15 times the legal limit; and at low temperatures, the trucks emit up to 30 times the legal limit.

If these allegations are correct, Ford’s Super Duty trucks are not only producing excess emissions with harmful effects on public health, but Ford is also defrauding consumers by charging them thousands of dollars extra for “clean” vehicles that are not in fact clean, and that cannot achieve the advertised fuel efficiency without producing dangerous emissions far in excess of promised amounts and legally permitted limits.

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If you purchased or leased a Ford Super Duty diesel truck, we encourage you to contact a consumer protection lawyer at Lieff Cabraser. The information you provide will help us hold Ford accountable for its alleged violations of environmental protection laws and any related deceptions perpetrated upon its customers.

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