HCA Healthcare Fraudulent Discount Billing

Lieff Cabraser is investigating complaints that HCA Healthcare is overcharging patients by improperly applying its pay-now discounts. Under the pay-now option, HCA member hospitals give patients a 10% discount for making immediate payment during a hospital or emergency room visit. The charges are based on estimates, however, as the hospital doesn’t know the real charges until they send the bill to the patient’s insurer.

The alleged fraud occurs when patients overpay via those estimates — when the care ends up costing less than a patient paid via the pay-now option, HCA does not apply the discount to the overpaid amount. The chart below illustrates the problem as reflected in a sample procedure with an original estimated cost of $1,000 that is ultimately determined to cost the patient only $400.

Sample HCA Visit & Improper Pay-Now Overage Refund
Hospital Estimate$1,000
Pay-now payment by patient$900(includes 10% discount)
Adjusted visit cost$400
Amount HCA actually bills patient$400
Amount HCA should bill patient$360(10% pay-now discount should still apply)
Improper overage to HCA$40

This is just a single example. Had the hospital’s original estimate been accurate, a patient opting for the pay-now discount would only have paid $360. But HCA ends up billing the patient $400 for the visit because HCA fails to refund properly. Patients allege the deceptive practice allows HCA to improperly pocket the 10% discount that should have been added to the refunded overpaid fee – 10% of the difference between whatever the hospital’s original estimate was and the actual visit cost.

While the individual improper overcharges can seem minor, when scaled across HCA’s 174 hospitals and 119 freestanding surgery centers any improper overbilling may reach into the millions.

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If you or a family member suspect you have been improperly billed after an HCA hospital or ER pay-now payment was reduced from the hospital’s original estimate, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your potential case. There is no charge or obligation involved in speaking with us, and the information you provide may substantiate your own lawsuit as well as helping us hold HCA accountable for any billing fraud or other financial improprieties.

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