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Lieff Cabraser is investigating consumer complaints about MetLife Defender’s paid identity protection services. MetLife promises that it can “stop identity theft before it occurs,” and “detect any exposure of data associated with health records, medical insurance, Medicaid and Medicare information and more.”

Consumers complain that neither promise is true, and that MetLife Defender does not protect the personal information of its subscribers from hackers and criminals. Consumers further complain that MetLife Defender does an inferior job of providing the same theft protection services that banks and credit card companies provide, often for free.

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Please contact an attorney at Lieff Cabraser to report your experience with MetLife Defender’s services. The information you provide will assist us in learning of the full extent of MetLife’s alleged fraud and in obtaining damages, including all profits unjustly earned, from MetLife for its subscribers. There is no charge or obligation for our confidential review of your case.

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