Caterpillar C18 and C32 Engine Defects Investigation

Lieff Cabraser is investigating widespread claims that defects in certain Caterpillar engines lead to repeated engine failures in C18 and C32 models. Complaints focus on the cylinder liner of the C18 and C32 Caterpillar engines. Owners and users indicate the cylinder liner is defective and cracks, letting oil and coolant leak and mix together, leading to repeated engine failures.

The Caterpillar engines are used in generators, industrial engines, locomotive engines, marine engines, OEM power packs, petroleum oil rig engines, truck engines, and mulch chopping trucks. Losses encountered by users of the allegedly defective engines include high repair costs (which can easily hit $50,000 or more for repairs and labor), machine down time, reduction in device market value, and related business losses.

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If you or your business own vehicles or devices with Caterpillar C18 or Caterpillar C32 engines and you have experienced engine problems you suspect might be related to defects in the cylinder liner, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your experiences. There is no charge or obligation for our review of your case, and the information you provide will help us hold Caterpillar accountable for any defects in its C18 and C32 engines.

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