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Issue: Defective computers and electronic products

Under Pressure to Bring Computers and Other Consumer Electronic Products to Market, Manufacturers Sell Defective Products

Manufacturers have a duty to produce products that perform as promised or advertised. Consumers properly expect that the products they buy have been properly tested in research labs or by small groups of consumers before the products are sold in mass.

However, from PCs, notebooks, and tablets to smartphones, smart TVs, game consoles and other electronic gadgets, manufacturers too often ship products that lack necessary software, are incomplete or simply defective “because of pressure to get them on store shelves.”

As noted by CMS Wire, “in the rush to market products, manufacturers of everything from game consoles and computers to cameras and cell phones have turned loyal customers into consumer guinea pigs.”

Consumers, the article observes, “more often end up as product testers – without disclosure and without compensation. They may even unwittingly pay to conduct research for the companies that manufacture some of the most popular products in retail stores.”

In certain cases, the manufacturer knew the product was defective yet still sold it and refused to announce a recall after receiving consumer complaints. In this situation, consumers are forced to incur substantial costs to replace parts and devices after the warranty expires. Consumers are also often faced with the inconvenience of having to send or bring their computers or other electronic products in for repair, as well as the possibility of the loss of important data.

Defective Products and Consumer Protection Law

State and federal laws provide consumers with remedies for products that were defectively designed or manufactured or do not perform as advertised. This is true in many cases even after the warranty period has expired.

The cost for a consumer to hire an attorney and file an individual lawsuit against the manufacturer of the defective product is often prohibitive. The law, however, does not leave the consumer powerless.

A small number of consumers may file a class action lawsuit, representing all consumers that purchased the defective product. A class action suit can provide a powerful and effective means for consumers to compel a corporation to acknowledge its legal responsibilities and provide just compensation to the class members.

Examples of Successful Class Action Lawsuits on Behalf of Consumers with Faulty Computers and Other Consumer Electronic Products

Lieff Cabraser represents consumers nationwide. We have obtained significant settlements for consumers sold defective products, including desktop computers, notebooks, monitors, LCD screens, hard drives, and power adapters and batteries, helping consumers obtain new or extended warranties and recovering their out-of-pocket costs for replacing the defective parts.

Our successful consumer lawsuits for faulty computers and other consumer electronic goods include:

Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 Notebook

We represented owners of the Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 notebook computer who alleged failures in in power-supply, display, and hard drive. The settlement provided an extended warranty for all Satellite Pro 6100 computers, cash compensation for certain repairs, and reimbursement for certain out-of-warranty repair expenses.

Dell Inspiron 5150 Notebook

In this class action lawsuit against Dell, Inc, Lieff Cabraser represented a class of plaintiffs who alleged a series of defects with the Dell Inspiron 5150 notebook. In September 2006, the Court granted preliminarily approval of a settlement that provides class members with an extended one-year limited warranty and a 100% cash refund for any charges they incurred, including shipping costs, for earlier repair of their notebook.

Apple Power Adapters For The G3 iBook and Other Powerbook Computers

We represented consumers whose specified Apple power adapter failed within three years after purchase or receipt of an adapter under Apple’s "black brick" recall program. We successfully negotiated a settlement that included a cash refund payment for class members who paid for replacement adapters and store certificates for class members that lacked proof of purchase of their replacement adapter or incurred multiple adapter failures.

Toshiba Notebooks

Lieff Cabraser successfully negotiated a settlement with Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. to provide relief for owners of certain Toshiba Notebook computers with screens that tended to flicker or dim. Under the settlement, owners who paid to have the flicker issue repaired could recover the cost of that repair. In addition, Toshiba agreed to extend the length of the warranty by 18 months on the covered models.

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