Samsung Refrigerator Failures

Series of consumer complaints includes unsafe internal temperatures, food spoilage, and food poisoning

Lieff Cabraser’s nationally-recognized defective product lawyers are investigating disturbing reports of consumer complaints about Samsung refrigerators. With over 600 complaints in the most recent analysis period, Samsung is the refrigerator manufacturer “with the highest number of complaints during the time frame,” according to a Consumer Reports review of records publicly available on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Safer website.

Issues raised in the complaints include problems maintaining proper refrigeration temperatures, malfunctioning icemakers, and numerous incidents of food poisoning due to food spoilage from unsafe temperatures.

“In fact, 211 complaints specifically cited food spoilage, while 62 complaints cited food poisoning.”

“Product problems occur all too often, but when defects lead to baseline dysfunction and serious injuries, consumers have a right to get justice and compensation,” notes Lieff Cabraser partner and defective products practice group leader Jason Lichtman. “Our product defect team is investigating Samsung refrigerator complaints in detail, and is committed to ensuring that Samsung consumer complaints receive meaningful attention and basic safety failures get addressed as quickly as possible.”

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