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Is CVS Illegally Keeping Pharmacists from Required Meal and Rest Breaks?

Lieff Cabraser is investigating widespread allegations that CVS knowingly fails to provide proper off-duty meal and rest breaks for its pharmacists, in deliberate violation of California law. CVS pharmacists complain that CVS companywide policy requires pharmacists to remain on duty and responsible for pharmacy operations during “meal and rest breaks” that do not meet the standard of bona fide meal and rest breaks to which they are legally entitled.

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Affected CVS pharmacists include employees with the job titles such as Pharmacy Intern, Pharmacy Intern Graduate, Staff Pharmacist, and Pharmacy Manager, who have worked at a CVS retail location in California since 2014.

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If you have been employed as a pharmacist at CVS in California since 2014 and have any concerns about whether you are getting proper and appropriate meal and rest breaks, we encourage you to contact us today at the number above or by using the form below. There is no cost or obligation, and your information will be kept strictly confidential.

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