Teen Cannabis-Induced Psychosis and Mental Illness Lawsuit

BREAKING: New lawsuit filed against cannabis manufacturer STIIIZY IP LLC. Read the full complaint here.

Cannabis-induced psychosis cases have spiked in recent years amid the legalization and proliferation of high-potency cannabis concentrates and vaping products. In California emergency rooms, visits for cannabis-induced psychosis rose 54% from 2016 to 2019 as legal cannabis markets opened. The DSM-5 categorizes cannabis-induced psychotic disorder as a substance-induced psychotic disorder presenting distinct features, including sudden mood swings and paranoid symptoms emerging within a week, occasionally within just 24 hours of cannabis consumption.

The use of these cannabis products is especially dangerous for teenagers and young adults as their developing minds are more susceptible to serious mental health outcomes. Using deceptive marketing tactics, STIIIZY IP LLC and similar cannabis manufacturers have promoted high-potency THC vape pens and cartridges to teenagers without sufficient warning of the possibility of severe cannabis-induced psychosis.

As alleged in a new complaint filed by Lieff Cabraser, plaintiff John Doe at age 15 was an honor student and star athlete until he began using STIIIZY products. STIIIZY products were advertised with only positive effects; however, after Doe used these high-potency products, he suffered from cannabis-induced psychosis. Doe experienced hallucinations, hysteria, and agitation, requiring extended hospitalization, treatment in a psychiatric ward, and antipsychotic medications. The cannabis products created by STIIIZY caused lasting psychotic delusions for months after use, and he continues to cope with personality changes, brain fog, and other mental health challenges and risks.

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