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SUV Rollover Accidents Often Result in Deaths That Should Not Have Occurred

SUV rollover accidents need not result in the death or serious injury of drivers and passengers. A number of well known safety flaws and design defects that SUV manufacturers have not addressed continue to play a significant role in causing SUV accidents to turn into fatal accidents. Potential safety issues include:

  • The vehicle is defective in its handling and stability because it is top-heavy and prone to heavy oversteering by drivers, making a rollover accident likely;
  • The vehicle is equipped with defective door latches that are too weak to hold the doors shut in a rollover accident, causing passengers to be ejected from these vehicles;
  • The roof strength of the SUV is deficient, resulting in a collapse of the roof and crushing the driver and occupants;
  • The vehicle is not equipped with laminated safety glass which would help prevent passengers from being ejected in SUV rollovers; and
  • The seat belts are defective because they do not automatically retract and tighten during an accident.

While rollover accidents represent about 3% of all crashes in the U.S., almost 33% of deaths on highways occurred in rollover crashes, a large percentage of which involved SUVs which are more likely to rollover than cars. SUVs have a higher center of gravity, increasing the likelihood that they will roll over in a collision, sudden movement or accident.

Lieff Cabraser represents persons injured and the families of loved ones who were killed in SUV rollover accidents. We have filed SUV rollover injury lawsuits in federal and state court across America on behalf of our clients, and obtained confidential, high-value settlements. The rollover lawsuits allege the SUVs are defective in their handling, stability, and roof strength, leading to deadly rollover accidents.

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