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Zimmer Persona Tibial Plate Knee Recall Lawsuits

Persona Knee Replacement System

Introduced in late 2012 by Zimmer Inc., thousands of persons worldwide have received the Zimmer Persona knee implant.

Zimmer claimed that its Persona knee systems came “as close as possible to the remarkable mechanics of the human body,” and that the devices were the “most anatomically accurate knee implants” ever manufactured. Zimmer said that the metal components and advanced materials in the Persona Knee provided “unrivaled” performance and longevity.

Zimmer Persona Knee Component Recall 2015

In March 2015, Zimmer Inc. issued a global recall of one of the components of its Persona knee implants — the Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate — following complaints of loosening of the components resulting in their premature failure and requiring replacement (in a procedure known as revision surgery).

The earliest report of a Persona Trabecular Metal Tibia Plate failing and the patient undergoing revision surgery noted in a U.S. Food & Drug Administration database of adverse reports and complications was filed in January 2013. Thereafter, the FDA annually received more reports of the Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate loosening, resulting in pain and swelling, and ultimately necessitating revision surgery.

Zimmer Persona Knee Component Lawsuits

The law in most states provides individuals with legal claims and the right to compensation for injuries they suffer as a result of a medical device that is defective or fails to perform as advertised.

Specifically, manufacturers of products are generally held to a basic duty of exercising care to prevent foreseeable injuries from the reasonable use of their products. In the case of medical devices, manufacturers owe a duty to patients to produce and sell products that are safe and effective.

Patients who underwent revision surgery to replace a defective knee implant may file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses including the cost of replacement surgery, lost past and future wages, and punitive damages.

Why Should I Retain Lieff Cabraser As My Zimmer Knee Recall Lawyer?

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If you or a family member received a Zimmer Persona knee implant between December 2012 and March 2015 with an uncemented tibial plate component, and have had to undergo surgery to replace your knee component or have had problems with it, please use the form below to contact an experienced personal injury attorney at Lieff Cabraser. If you had a knee implanted during those years but do not know what kind of knee implant it was, you may find out by requesting copies of your implant operative report and accompanying “sticker page” from your implanting hospital and/or surgeon. The “sticker page” contains product identification stickers or tags for each component, which show the brand and model name.

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