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Zimmer Taper Hip Injuries

Issue: Corrosion and wear in Zimmer Taper Hip Implants

Zimmer ML Taper & Zimmer ML Taper With Kinectiv® Technology

Zimmer hip implant patients across the U.S. are reporting injuries relating to the corrosion and trunnionosis (excessive wear) of their ML Taper and ML Taper with Kinectiv® hip implants. Close to 30 separate cases have been filed in federal court, and the cases were recently centralized for coordinated treatment in New York. Reported injuries include metallosis, pseudotumors, and which can mandate painful and expensive revision surgery. The problems are allegedly due to mechanically-assisted crevice corrosion, head/neck corrosion, and/or trunnionosis at the femoral stem and femoral head junction.

Zimmer Hip Injury Lawyers

Lieff Cabraser currently represents hip implant patients injured by Zimmer ML Taper hip implants, and served as Co-Liasion Counsel for patients nationwide injured by the defective Durom Cup manufactured by Zimmer Holdings. Our law firm has been recognized by U.S. News, Best Lawyers, and the National Law Journal as one of the top plaintiffs’ law firms in the nation. Please contact us by completing the contact form below or calling us toll-free today at 1-800-541-7358.

Zimmer Hip Lawsuits and Settlements

In previous lawsuits filed against Zimmer, patients charged that the company’s Durom Cup was defective as friction from the metal-on-metal components caused microscopic metal shavings to be released into the surrounding blood and tissue. Many patients developed “metallosis,” an inflammatory reaction to the elevated metals in the tissue and blood. As a result, the hip implants failed prematurely and patients were compelled to undergo painful revision surgery.

In 2011 and 2012, numerous patients represented by Lieff Cabraser settled their cases with Zimmer on favorable, confidential terms. As of 2018, we continue to represent clients injured by Zimmer hip implants.

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If you have had to undergo revision surgery to replace your Zimmer ML Taper hip implant, or have revision surgery scheduled, please complete the form below to contact Lieff Cabraser. We will review your case for free and without any obligation on your part. Or call us toll free at 1-800-541-7358 and ask to speak to attorney Wendy Fleishman.

Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers and in-house legal nurse consultants and medical analysts provides each client with attentive, high-level, and individualized representation. We are passionate and committed to achieving justice for our clients.

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