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Zoloft Taken While Pregnant & Zoloft Birth Defects

Issue: Birth defects in infants

Zoloft Antidepressant Early Pregnancy Dangers

Mothers taking the antidepressant prescription drug Zoloft early in their pregnancy (first trimester) are at risk for having babies with major birth defects, including:

  1. cardiac defects such as atrial or septal heart defects (holes in the heart), malformations, and obstructions;
  2. cleft lip;
  3. cleft palate;
  4. gastrointestinal malformations;
  5. genital malformations;
  6. omphalocele (an abdominal wall defect at the base of the umbilical cord which can result in the infant being born with a sac protruding through the defect that contains the small intestine, liver, and/or and large intestine);
  7. craniosynostosis (a defect that causes an abnormally shaped head);
  8. anal atresia (a defect that causes a malformed rectum); and
  9. spina bifida (a defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth).

Mothers who took Zoloft later in their pregnancy (in the third trimester) are at risk for delivering babies who suffer from the potentially fatal condition of PPHN (primary pulmonary hypertension).

Zoloft & Antidepressant Birth Defect Risks Explained

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Parents of an infant born with pulmonary hypertension, heart injuries or other birth defects whose mother took Zoloft while pregnant are welcome to use the form below to contact our law firm to learn about your rights. You may be eligible to file a claim against Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Zoloft and its generic Greenstone, to obtain compensation for the injury inflicted on your baby.

We have successfully represented parents across America whose child developed a dangerous medical condition or was born with birth defects caused by dangerous prescription drugs.

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By Wendy Fleishman