Apple AirTag Unwanted Tracking & Stalking Investigation

Apple AirTags are regularly used to illegally track and stalk people and are designed to leave the general public exposed and vulnerable, especially Android users

Lieff Cabraser’s Privacy & Cybersecurity team is investigating widespread reports documenting the use of Apple’s 1.26 inch tracking device, the Apple AirTag, to illegally track vulnerable Americans.  Alarmed individuals nationwide report finding unknown and unwanted AirTags attached to their vehicles or personal belongings without their knowledge or consent, allowing their exact location and movements to be tracked with precision.

This has turned Apple’s $29 AirTag into the ideal device for tracking individuals’ movements in order to stalk, harass, or even kill them.  Apple knows about the problem, but has not recalled the AirTag or designed them safely, doing far too little to protect the many people being tracked by unwanted AirTags.

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