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Experian Data Breach

Experian T-Mobile Data Breach Investigation

In the wake of news that at least one hacker has acquired the Experian personal and financial records of 15 million T-Mobile customers and other credit applicants, Lieff Cabraser is investigating consumer complaints that Experian may have failed to adequately safeguard and secure the financial and personal records of its consumers.

Consumer concern is elevated both because of the potential depth of financial information affected, and the length of the breach itself — which is reported to have gone on for two years.

In addition to personal information for approximately 15 million customers and T-Mobile service applicants, the data is also reported to have included information on applicants requiring a credit check for service or device financing from Sept. 1, 2013 through Sept. 16, 2015, Experian North America said in a statement.

In a letter to consumers, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said, “Obviously I am incredibly angry about this data breach and we will institute a thorough review of our relationship with Experian.”

While Experian claims to have taken immediate action upon finding the breach, it noted that the stolen data included names, dates of birth, addresses, and Social Security numbers.

Why Experian May Be Liable for the Data Breach

Organizations that hold personally identifiable information, and in particular confidential personal financial information, owe a duty to safeguard this information and protect such information from being compromised, stolen, or misused. It is unknown at this time how the breach could have continued for so long without Experian knowing about it or taking action to protect its customers.

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