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Google Nest Secure Secret Microphone Privacy Violations

In February 2019, it was revealed that Google’s home security system installed inside thousands of private homes, Nest Secure, contained hidden microphones. The revelation that homes were bugged by Nest Secure came from Google itself, as it sought to impress customers with a recent update that boosted its Nest Secure so that it could act as an AI-powered Google Assistant: “With the flip of a switch in the Nest app, you can set the Secure as an always-listening Assistant speaker,” the company said in a blog post touting the update.

Until that blog post, Google had never told Nest Secure customers that their homes were bugged, or that the devices in their homes contained microphones at all. Google’s excuse that it had made a simple “error” in failing to inform customers about the hidden microphone left customers furious, and with serious concerns about their compromised privacy.

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