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Weather Channel User Tracking Complaints

Lieff Cabraser is investigating complaints that TWC Product & Technologies, through their popular Weather Channel smartphone app, deceptively uses the app’s access to private user geolocation data to improperly track minute details of consumers’ locations, and sells that data to third parties for unrelated — and undisclosed — commercial purposes.

The Weather Channel app is one of the most popular weather apps, with more than 100 million users. In seeking users’ permission to access their location data, TWC claims that this sensitive, detailed personal location information will be used to provide local weather forecasts and alerts. In actuality, TWC allegedly sells and monetizes that vast array of private user location information to generate massive profits unrelated to its weather services, including for use by hedge funds. TWC has gone so far as to characterize itself as “a location data company powered by weather.”

Contact a Data Privacy Lawyer at Lieff Cabraser

If you suspect your personal and private location data may have been improperly used and monetized by the Weather Channel app and TWC, we urge you to contact a data privacy lawyer at Lieff Cabraser’s award-winning cybersecurity practice group to learn more about your rights and further action that might be taken to hold TWC accountable.

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