Superbug Dangers Rise, U.S. Fails at Tracking the Spread

Superbug Infection Lawsuits and Dangers

As reports from news sources like the Los Angeles Times and Reuters proliferate, the full extent of America’s superbug scourge is beginning to surface, and the truth isn’t just disturbing — it’s terrifying. Though health authorities have been warning about deadly drug-resistant infections for over 15 years, a widespread practice among doctors and hospitals that can only be seen as active concealment has hidden the breadth of the crisis, while at the same time hindering efforts to make a dent in the situation. The situation is only worsened by government agencies remain that are either unwilling or unable to impose reporting requirements on a healthcare industry complicit in the problem. [Read more…]

Endoscope Manufacturer Olympus Drastically Increased Price of Medical Scopes During Superbug Outbreak

Medical Scope Superbugs

During the deadly “Superbug” CRE infection outbreak from contaminated medical scopes, three UCLA patients died and five more fell ill to the lethal bacterial spread. When doctors at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center inquired about replacing the tainted medical scopes, medical device maker Olympus Corp. offered to sell the hospital 35 new scopes for $1.2 million — a 28% increase in price for the defective products, compared to the pricing just months earlier. [Read more…]

Olympus Kept U.S. Hospitals in the Dark About Deadly Infections

Deadly superbug CRE bacteria

The Los Angeles Times has published a scathing report on failures by medical device company Olympus to respond to warnings from its own researchers about contamination dangers in certain medical examination scopes, failures that led to the deaths of 21 people and severe injury to dozens more. The US FDA identified at least 7 separate infection outbreaks relating to the Olympus scopes over the last three years in Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Los Angeles. [Read more…]