Defendant-Driven Delays in Florida Tobacco Injury May Leave Plaintiffs Without Justice

Cigarette in ash tray

A recent R.J. Reynolds financial filing indicates the tobacco giant faces more than 2,700 tobacco injury lawsuits that still await trial in Florida state courts. Because Florida provides special reduced appellate bond requirements for tobacco companies, there are more pending tobacco injury lawsuits in the Sunshine State than all other states combined. [Read more…]

Lieff Cabraser Achieves Two of Nation’s Largest 2014 Jury Verdicts

Lieff Cabraser Achieves Two of Nation's Largest 2014 Jury Verdicts

The National Law Journal has named two verdicts achieved by Lieff Cabraser trial lawyers to its list of the Top Verdicts of 2014. Both trials occurred in federal court in Florida as part of the so-called Engle cases, the Florida class action filed against the cigarette companies in 1994.

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