Lieff Cabraser Named to Leadership Position in Generic Drugs Pricing Antitrust Litigation

Drug Antitrust Litigation

Beginning in February 2015, Lieff Cabraser conducted an extensive investigation into dramatic price increases of certain generic drugs. Lieff Cabraser worked alongside economists and industry experts and interviewed industry participants to evaluate possible misconduct. In December of 2016, Lieff Cabraser, with co-counsel, filed the first case alleging price-fixing of levothyroxine, the primary treatment for hypothyroidism, among the most widely prescribed drugs in the world. [Read more…]

Dean Harvey Comments on FTC’s New Challenge to No-Authorized-Generic Drug Agreements

Dean Harvey Comments on FTC's New Challenge to No-Authorized-Generic Drug Agreements

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has made its first outright challenge towards so-called “no-authorized-generics” agreements between branded drug makers and generic drug companies. The agency initiated legal action against Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. and other drugmakers for making anti-competitive payments through the mechanism of illegally withholding authorization for the production of generic versions of certain drugs. The FTC concludes these pharmaceutical companies violated antitrust laws by blocking lower-cost generic versions of branded drugs from consumers with pay-for-delay payments.

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