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Michael W. Sobol, Partner and Chair of the Consumer Protection Practice Group

Consumer Protection

Upholding the rights of consumers

False advertising, bait and switch marketing, phony disclosure of manipulative bookkeeping devices, unconscionable pricing, and charging for services never provided are some of the many unfair and deceptive practices rogue corporations use to defraud consumers. These deceptive business practices also distort the marketplace by allowing dishonest businesses to gain an unfair advantage over ethical competitors. State and federal laws, however, provide consumers with broad protection from unfair and illegal business practices.

Lieff Cabraser's Consumer Protection Practice Group

Determined consumer protection attorneys

Lieff Cabraser advises consumers as well as businesses whether and how to pursue legal action to halt and obtain compensation for the deceptive practices of large corporations. With a blend of courage, superior legal skills, and high principles, we protect our clients' interests and help them achieve their goals by winning highly-complex consumer protection lawsuits against those that have defrauded consumers.

Stopping fraud through consumer class action lawsuits

We have successfully prosecuted scores of consumer class action lawsuits against many of the largest U.S. banks, financial service companies, and corporations. Working with co-counsel, we have achieved judgments and settlements in excess of $3 billion for consumers in these cases.

Experience across markets and industries

Our consumer protection attorneys handle cases spanning a broad range of goods and services. We have represented homeowners charged for escrow services that were never provided, bank debit and credit cardholders assessed improper and excessive late, over limit, and overdraft fees, and uninsured hospital patients charged exorbitant prices for medical care.

Consumer lawsuit information videos

In 2012, Lieff Cabraser attorneys Michael Sobol, chair of our consumer protection practice group, and Roger Heller were selected as finalists for the Consumer Attorney of the Year Award given by the Consumer Attorneys of California for their work in the Bank of America overdraft fees case.

Richard Heimann explains how Wells Fargo Bank manipulated the processing of debit card transactions to assess its customers greater numbers of overdraft fees.

Current Cases

Abusive Autodialer and Robocall Complaints

We represent consumers who have been subjected to repeated pre-recorded, non-emergency calls to customers who did not expressly consent to be called on their cell phones during the original loan transaction.

Full Story
Abusive robocalls
AT&T Smartphone Unlimited Data Plans

Lieff Cabraser represents consumers in a proposed class action lawsuit against AT&T claiming the company falsely advertised that its unlimited mobile phone plans provide unlimited data, while purposefully failing to disclose that it regularly throttles customers' data speed once they reach certain data usage thresholds.

Full Story
Fraud & false advertising
Bank Overdraft Fees

Excessive and illegal overdraft fees affect millions of Americans, costing them billions each year. Lieff Cabraser is at the forefront of litigation seeking to force banks to stop these illegal and unfair practices.

Full Story
Accounting tricks to maximize overdraft fees
Daily Fantasy Sports "Insider Trading"

Lieff Cabraser represents consumers in lawsuits alleging insider trading within the Daily Fantasy Sports industry.

Full Story
Unfair advantage
Insurance Companies Charged With Inflating Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Lieff Cabraser represents businesses in a class action lawsuit against one of the nation's largest insurance companies for its widespread reporting failures which have caused many businesses to pay artificially inflated workers compensation premiums.

Full Story
Fraud and false advertising
Kindred Nursing Facilities

Lieff Cabraser, with co-counsel, represents a senior who on behalf of herself and a proposed class of nursing home residents at Kindred facilities charges that Kindred failed to provide sufficient nurses for elderly and disabled residents at its California skilled nursing facilities in violation of state law.

Full Story
Inadequate nursing staff levels
Lifelock Consumer Fraud

We represent consumers and businesses who allege that Lifelock has taken their money in return for false claims of protecting them from identity theft.

Full Story
Consumer fraud

Lyft Unwanted Texts

Lieff Cabraser is investigating alleged abusive business practices related to Lyft Unwanted Texts.

Full Story
Unwanted text messages
McAfee Anti-Virus "Auto-Renewal" Program

This nationwide class action alleges that McAfee falsely represents the prices of its computer anti-virus software to customers enrolled in its "auto-renewal" program in violation of California's and New York's unfair competition and false advertising laws.

Full Story
Consumer protection
Morgan Stanley Mortgage Discrimination

Lieff Cabraser serves as Co-Counsel in a class action lawsuit against Morgan Stanley for discrimination in violation of the Fair Housing Act and other civil rights laws.

Full Story
Fair Housing Act violations
National Arbitration Forum

As alleged in the complaint, the NAF is an independent entity but is closely tied to the credit and debt collections industries.

Full Story
Conspiracy and fraud

National Grid Unsolicited Automated Phone Calls Lawsuit

Lieff Cabraser represents consumers in a class action lawsuit against National Grid USA for allegedly placing unsolicited calls

Full Story
Harrassing unsolicited calls
Sprint "Everything Messaging" False Advertising

Consumers were allegedly charged an aggregate of nearly eighty million dollars for sending pictures using their cell phones despite a clear statement that picture messaging would be "unlimited" to subscribers of the "Everything Messaging" plan.

Full Story
Misrepresentation of cell phone plan
TracFone Wireless Unlimited Data

In nationwide class actions against TracFone Wireless, consumers allege that TracFone falsely advertises that its StraightTalk, Net10, and Simple Mobile cell phone plans provide "unlimited" data.

Full Story
Violation of consumer protection laws
Universal Music Group

Plaintiffs allege that Universal Music Group failed to pay the recording artists full royalty income earned from customers' purchases of digitally downloaded music from vendors such as Apple iTunes.

Full Story
Breach of contract
Virginia Gas Owners Litigation

Coal and energy corporations have claimed that they, as coal owners, own the gas produced in coalbed methane wells. These claims are contrary to Virginia law.

Full Story
Consumer protection

VW and Audi Deceptive Emissions

Lieff Cabraser is investigating reports that VW and Audi tampered with emissions control software to produce different results during US EPA testing than during subsequent real-world driving to the detriment and deception of consumers and regulators.

Full Story
Fraud and false advertising
Wells Fargo Overdraft Fees

The District Court issued a $203 million judgment against Wells Fargo for deceiving customers that debit card purchases would be posted chronologically when Wells Fargo posted them in a high-to-low order for the sole purpose of generating overdraft fees.

Full Story
$203 million in restitution
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412(i) Retirement Pension Plans

Lieff Cabraser is investigating alleged unfair business practices related to 412(i) retirement pension plans.

Full Story
Fraud and false advertising
Anthem Patient Data Breach

We are investigating the 2015 Anthem data breach.

Full Story
Massive private personal data breach
Auto Insurance Companies Abusive Autodialer Robocalls

The suit charges that the defendant insurance companies, though the use of lead-generator marketing from Variable Marketing, LLC, made repetitive and intrusive autodialed or pre-recorded telemarketing calls to the cell phones of consumers, without first obtaining their consent to receive these calls, in violation of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA").

Full Story
Annoying automatic recorded calls to cell phones
Deceptive Auto Loans

Lieff Cabraser is investigating consumer complaints about deceptive auto loans.

Full Story
Improper and excessive charges
Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Discrimination In Mortgage Lending

Lieff Cabraser is investigating complaints that mortgage lenders have denied loans on the basis that the borrower is pregnant or a new mother on maternity leave.

Full Story
Sex discrimination by lenders
TD Auto Finance Harassment Complaints

Consumers complain that TD Auto Finance makes repeated, automated debt collection calls to their cell or mobile phone without their express consent.

Full Story
Illegal harassing telephone calls
Verizon Wireless

Lieff Cabraser is investigating claims that Verizon Wireless has assessed charges for services on monthly bills that were not ordered.

Full Story
Billing practices
WellPoint/Anthem/Blue Cross

Lieff Cabraser is investigating complaints that women allegedly have had their health insurance policy improperly canceled after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Full Story
Insurance cancellations
Servicemember Consumer Protection

Lieff Cabraser is investigating companies targeting Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel in frauds and scams designed to take advantage of servicemembers nationwide.

Full Story
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Auto Loan Discrimination

The litigation led to substantial changes in the way Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, American Honda Finance Corporation and WFS Financial, Inc., sell automobile finance contracts, limiting racial discrimination in auto loans that can occur.

Full Story
Providing for refinancing of billions of dollars in auto loans, and requiring new procedures to stop racial discrimination.
Progressive Corporation

The nationwide class action challenging Progressive Corporation's private passenger automobile insurance sales practices.In 2002, the Court approved a settlement valued at approximately $450 million, which included both cash and equitable relief.

Full Story
Settlement valued at $450 million
Catholic Healthcare West

In January 2007, the Court approved a settlement that provides discounts, refunds and other benefits for uninsured CHW patients valued at $423 million.

Full Story
Settlement valued at $423 million
Bank of America Overdraft Fees

Lieff Cabraser serves on the plaintiffs' executive committee and is the lead plaintiffs' law firm prosecuting the case against Bank of America in Multi-District Litigation against the nation's major banks for the collection of excessive overdraft fees.

Full Story
$410 million settlement

Lieff Cabraser served on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in multidistrict litigation arising out of the sale and marketing of the prescription drug Neurontin.

Full Story
$325 million settlement
Sutter Health Uninsured Patients

Plaintiffs alleged that they and a Class of uninsured patients treated at Sutter hospitals were charged substantially more than patients with private or public insurance, and many times above the cost of providing their treatment.

Full Story
Settlement valued at $276 million
Citigroup Loan Cases

Former customers of The Associates charged that the company added on mortgage loans unwanted and unnecessary insurance products and engaged in improper loan refinancing practices.

Full Story
Settlement valued at $240 million
Chase "Check Loan"

Credit cardholders charge that Chase Bank violated the federal Truth In Lending Act and state consumer protection statutes by unilaterally modifying the terms of long-term fixed rate loans.

Full Story
$100 million settlement
John Muir Uninsured Patients

Plaintiffs alleged that they and a Class of uninsured patients treated at John Muir hospitals were charged substantially more than patients with private or public insurance, and many times above the cost of providing their treatment.

Full Story
Settlement valued at $115 million
Synthroid Marketing

In April 1996, the first of many class action lawsuits were filed against Knoll, alleging that Knoll wrongfully suppressed the publication of a study in order to protect Synthroid's market share and to maintain artificially high prices for Synthroid.

Full Story
$87.4 million settlement
Scripps Health Uninsured Patients

Lieff Cabraser served as Lead Class Counsel in a certified class action lawsuit on behalf of uninsured hospital patients who alleged that Scripps Health imposed excessive fees and charges for medical treatment.

Full Story
Settlement valued at $73 million
Lawn Mowers

Lieff Cabraser served as co-counsel for consumers that alleged manufacturers of certain gasoline-powered lawn mowers misrepresented the horsepower of the product, and were awarded a $65 million settlement in August 2010.

Full Story
$65 million settlement
Nextel Communications

In 2006, the Court granted final approval to a class action settlement on behalf of all California customers of Nextel alleging Nextel unilaterally added monthly service fees and/or changed from second-by-second billing to minute-by-minute billing.

Full Story
Settlement valued at $55 million
Fairbanks Capital

In 2004, the Court approved a $55 million settlement of a class action lawsuit against Fairbanks Capital Corporation arising out of charges against Fairbanks of misconduct in servicing its customers' mortgage loans.

Full Story
$55 million settlement
Payment Protection Credit Card Litigation

Credit card customers charge that credit card companies have engaged in unfair, deceptive, and bad faith business practices in the marketing and sale of payment protection.

Full Story
$53.5 million settlement
California Title Insurance

In coordination with parallel litigation brought by the California Attorney General, the consumer class actions against the state's leading title insurance companies resulted in historic, industry-wide changes to the practice of providing escrow services in real estate closings in California.

Full Story
$50 million settlement

In 2010, the Court granted final approval to a $41.5 million settlement for persons and entities which paid for Vytorin between November 2002 and the date of final approval of the settlement.

Full Story
$41.5 million settlement
Property ID

Plaintiffs charged that the brokers and Property I.D. Corporation set up straw companies as a way to disguise kickbacks for referring their California clients' natural hazard disclosure report business to Property I.D.

Full Story
$40 million settlement
American Family Publishers

Lieff Cabraser served as Co-Lead Counsel for a nationwide class of persons who received any sweepstakes materials sent under the name "American Family Publishers."

Full Story
$33 million settlement

Lieff Cabraser served as Co-Lead Counsel for borrowers who alleged that Ameriquest engaged in a predatory lending scheme based on the sale of loans with illegal and undisclosed fees and terms. In August 2010, the Court approved a $22 million settlement.

Full Story
$22 million settlement
ING Direct

Lieff Cabraser represented consumers in a lawsuit alleging that ING Direct breached its promise to allow borrowers to refinance their loans for a flat fee.

Full Story
$20.35 million settlement

In March 2010, the Court granted final approval to a $16.5 million settlement of a false advertising class action lawsuit against Solvay Pharmaceuticals.

Full Story
$16.5 million settlement
Reverse Mortgage Cases

The lawsuit by seniors charged they were misled as to the loan terms, including the existence and amount of certain charges and fees.

Full Story
$8 million settlement
Sallie Mae Telemarketing

The lawsuit charges that Sallie Mae made automated phone calls to its loan holders' cellular phones without prior consent.

Full Story
Providian Credit Card Practices

Lieff Cabraser represented credit cardholders who alleged that Providian had engaged in widespread misconduct by charging unlawful and excessive interest and late charges, and by selling products with illusory benefits.

Full Story
California Uninsured Patient Hospital Pricing Litigation

Under settlements with several of California's largest hospital chains, almost a million patients received refunds or bill adjustments, and millions more benefitted from reduced prices for future medical care.

Full Story
Price discrimination against California uninsured patients ended
California Emergency Physicians

The 2009 settlement provided complete debt elimination to uninsured patients treated by California Emergency Physicians Medical Group during the 4-year class period.

Full Story
Complete debt elimination provided
Dell False Discounts

Lieff Cabraser represents a class certified by District Court Judge Ronald M. Whyte in the Northern District of California of on-line purchasers of Dell computers who were victims of Dell's alleged deliberate scheme of misrepresenting price discounts through a systematic web-based false advertising campaign.

Full Story
$50 cash payments
Inaccurate Credit Reporting

Lieff Cabraser serves as Co-Lead Counsel in a nationwide class action lawsuit against the nation's three major repositories of consumer credit information, Experian Information Solutions, Inc., Trans Union, LLC, and Equifax Information Services, LLC.

Full Story
Second-largest settlement ever under Fair Credit Reporting Act
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