Lieff Cabraser partner Sarah London has created a short video discussing recent cryogenic preservation tank failures at San Francisco’s Pacific Fertility Clinic and at a separate clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, and the rights of women and families affected by the tank failures.

The San Francisco plaintiffs’ law firm of Lieff Cabraser is investigating patient complaints about the liquid nitrogen tank failure at the Pacific Fertility Clinic reported by the clinic on March 11, 2018. The failure of the cryogenic tank led to the destruction of thousands of frozen embryos and patient eggs which had been preserved against future use by hundreds of women in the SF Bay Area. The Pacific Fertility Clinic egg and embryo losses come at the same time as a similar failure at a separate fertility clinic in Cleveland, Ohio which also resulted in the destruction of hundreds of frozen eggs and embryos.

Preliminary data indicates the failure at the San Francisco clinic affects as much as 15% of the stored embryos and eggs. The Cleveland failure is reported to have led to the destruction of embryos and eggs stored and preserved for nearly 700 women. These sudden failures at cryogenic embryo and egg storage facilities are unprecedented, and are causing distress and heartbreak among the affected women and families.

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