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Antitrust & Intellectual Property

Airline Ticket Price CollusionPrice-fixing
Capacitors Price-FixingPrice-fixing
Carolinas HealthCare SystemAnticompetitive conduct
Contact Lens Price-FixingPrice-fixing
Duke/UNC No-Hire AgreementNo-hire agreement
Employee No-Poach AgreementsIllegal no-poach agreements
Generic DrugsPrice-fixing
Knorr Wabtec Rail SuppliersIllegal no-poach agreements
LIBOR ManipulationManipulation of bank rates
Rechargeable Lithium BatteriesPrice-fixing
RestasisAnticompetitive conduct
TelescopesAnticompetitive conduct

    Contact Lens ComplaintsPrice-fixing
    Knorr WabtecIllegal no-poach agreements

    Natural Gas Antitrust Cases$1.25 billion settlement
    Wholesale Electricity Antitrust Cases$1.066 billion in settlements
    TFT-LCD (Flat Panel) Screens$470 million in settlements
    High Tech Workers$435 million in settlements
    Cipro$399 million in settlements
    De Beers Diamonds$295 million settlement and historic injunction
    Titanium Dioxide Antitrust Class Action$163 million settlement
    Comdata$130 million settlement
    Lovenox/Enox$120 million settlement
    Aluminum Sulfate$105 million in settlements
    California Vitamins Cases$105 million settlement
    Buspar$90 million settlement
    Carpet Antitrust$50 million settlement
    Lasik/PRK$12.5 million settlement
    CopyTele Lawsuit$9 million settlement

    Consumer Protection

    Abusive Autodialer and Robocall ComplaintsAbusive robocalls
    AT&T Smartphone Unlimited Data PlansFraud and false advertising
    Bank Overdraft FeesAccounting tricks to maximize overdraft fees
    eClinicalWorksBreach of contract and fraud
    Ford Super Duty Trucks Diesel EmissionsFraud and false advertising
    GM IgnitionLoss of vehicle value
    Insurance Companies Inflating Workers' Comp PremiumsFraud and false advertising
    Kindred Nursing FacilitiesInadequate nursing staff levels
    Lifelock Identity Theft ProtectionFalse advertising and deceptive marketing
    McAfee Anti-VirusFraud in marketing and auto-renewal programs
    Morgan Stanley Mortgage DiscriminationFair Housing Act violations
    National Arbitration ForumConspiracy and fraud
    National GridHarrassing, unsolicited automated phone calls
    QuoteWizardAbusive robocalls
    Sprint Everything MessagingFalse advertising and misrepresentation
    Theranos Walgreens Blood Test Consumer FraudFraud, false advertising, misrepresentation
    TracFone Wireless Unlimited DataViolation of consumer protection laws
    Westgate ResortsFraud

    412(i) Retirement Pension PlansFraud and false advertising
    Auto Insurance Company Abusive RobocallsHarassing automatic calls & texts
    Deceptive Auto LoansImproper and excessive charges
    Nationwide Insurance Robocall ComplaintsHarassing automatic calls & texts
    Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Mortgage Lending DiscriminationSex discrimination by lenders
    Servicemember Consumer MistreatmentIllegal and improper conduct toward servicemembers
    Verizon WirelessImproper and illegal billing practices
    WellPoint/Anthem/Blue CrossImproper and illegal insurance cancellations

    Auto Loan DiscriminationProviding for refinancing of billions of dollars in auto loans, and requiring new procedures to stop racial discrimination
    Progressive CorporationSettlement valued at $450 million
    Catholic Healthcare WestSettlement valued at $423 million
    Bank of America Overdraft Fees$410 million settlement
    Neurontin$325 million settlement
    Sutter Health Uninsured PatientsSettlement valued at $276 million
    Citigroup Loan CasesSettlement valued at $240 million
    Wells Fargo Overdraft Fees$203 million settlement
    Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) CasesSettlements valued at $200 million
    Providian Credit Card Practices$105 million settlement
    Chase "Check Loan"$100 million settlement
    John Muir Uninsured PatientsSettlement valued at $115 million
    Synthroid Marketing$87.4 million settlement
    Scripps Health Uninsured PatientsSettlement valued at $73 million
    Lawn Mowers$65 million settlement
    Nextel CommunicationsSettlement valued at $55 million
    Fairbanks Capital$55 million settlement
    Payment Protection Credit Card Litigation$53.5 million settlement
    California Title Insurance$50 million settlement
    Inaccurate Credit Reporting$45 million settlement
    Vytorin/Zetia$41.5 million settlement
    Property ID$40 million settlement
    American Family Publishers$33 million settlement
    Sallie Mae Telemarketing$24.14 million settlement
    Ameriquest$22 million settlement
    ING Direct$20.35 million settlement
    Estratest$16.5 million settlement
    SoulCycleSettlement valued at up to $9.2 million
    Reverse Mortgage Cases$8 million settlement
    California Uninsured Patient Hospital Pricing LitigationPrice discrimination against California uninsured patients ended
    California Emergency PhysiciansComplete debt elimination provided
    Dell False Discounts$50 cash payments

    Defective Products

    Chinese DrywallDefective drywall products
    Honda/Acura WindowsFaulty window regulator
    LG Washer MoldMold in washing machines
    Mercedes-Benz Air Conditioning MoldMold in vehicle AC system
    Navistar Truck Maxxforce Diesel EnginesDesign defects
    Samsung Top-Load Washer ExplosionsDesign defects
    Whirlpool Duet Washer MoldMold in washing machines

    Computer DefectsDefective computer hardware
    Notebook ComputersDefective product

    Masonite Hardboard SidingOver $1 billion settlement
    Intel Pentium ProcessorsSettlement valued at $1 billion
    Polybutylene Piping$950 million settlement
    GM Pickup TrucksSettlement valued at $600 million
    Louisiana-Pacific Siding$475 million settlement
    Cemwood Roof Shakes$140 million settlement
    ABS Pipes$70 million settlement
    BP Solar Panels$67 million settlement
    Menu Foods$24 million settlement
    Poz-Lok Fire Sprinkler Pipes$14.5 million settlement
    Mobil Aircraft Engine Oil$12.5 million settlement
    Hurd Millwork Windows & Doors$5.3 million settlement
    Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid$650 payment or $1,300 certificate for purchase of new car
    Viking 3000 Series WindowsUp to $500 payment to class members
    Fleetwood Motor Homes$250 payment to class members
    Bosch WashersCash payment to claimants
    Carrier Furnaces20-year enhanced warranty of free service & free parts
    Dell Inspiron 5150 Notebooks100% cash refund
    Chrysler Minivan Latches3.8 million vehicles recalled to replace faulty rear latches
    LG RefrigeratorsNationwide settlement
    Toshiba Laptop FlickerExtended warranty and reimbursement for repairs
    Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100Extended warranty and reimbursement for repairs
    Weyerhaeuser Hardboard SidingExtended warranty and reimbursement for repairs
    Intuit QuickBooksFree software upgrade provided
    Dell Inspiron 1150, 5100 and 5160 NotebooksSettlement

    Digital Privacy & Data Security

    Anthem Patient Data BreachFailure to safeguard private medical data
    Facebook MessagesImproper Scanning of private messages
    Google Street ViewInterception of private communications
    Plaid Financial Privacy ViolationsImproper acquisition of private banking data
    Quest DiagnosticsFailure to safeguard private medical and financial data
    TurboTaxIdentity theft and tax fraud
    Turn Web Tracking SoftwareSmartphone "zombie" cookies
    VTech Child Data BreachFailure to safeguard child data

    Plaid Privacy ViolationsPrivacy violations

    Carrier IQ Privacy$9 million settlement (2016)
    Sony Data Breach$8 million settlement
    LinkedIn "Add Connections"$13 million settlement (2016)
    AT&T and NSA SurveillanceAT&T Granted Immunity by Congress; lawsuit halted (2008)

    Employment Law

    Computer Sciences Corporation IIMisclassification of IT workers
    Goldman SachsGender discrimination
    Google Gender DiscriminationGender discrimination
    KPMGGender discrimination
    Major League BaseballOvertime pay
    R.J. Reynolds Retirement PlanBreach of fiduciary duty
    Walgreens PharmacistsInsufficient rest breaks

    Tech Worker, Innovator & Entrepreneur JusticeRemedying violations of employment, IP, and antitrust law
    B-1 Employment Visa FraudViolation of visa and employment laws
    Continuing Sexism in the Tech IndustryIllegal sexism in tech
    Employee Overtime PayOvertime pay improperly denied
    H1-B and L-1 Tech WorkersViolation of employment laws
    Infosys B-1 Visa FraudViolation of visa and employment laws
    Indian Tech Industry Workers in AmericaViolation of employment laws
    IT Workers OvertimeOvertime pay improperly denied

    Home Depot$87.5 million settlement and modification of practices to ensure qualified women were hired & promoted
    IBM$65 million settlement, a record amount in overtime litigation involving IT workers
    FedEx Express$54.9 million settlement in race discrimination class action
    Abercrombie & Fitch$50 million settlement and implementation of program to prevent discrimination
    Bank of America & Merrill Lynch Discrimination$39 million settlement
    United Airlines$36.5 million settlement in gender discrimination class action
    Wal-Mart$35 million settlement plus injunction to prevent wage and hour violations
    Smith Barney$33 million settlement in gender discrimination case
    Tata Workers in America$29.75 million settlement
    Computer Sciences Corporation I$24 million settlement
    Morgan Stanley$16 million settlement
    Consolidated Freightways$13.5 million settlement
    Wells Fargo Overtime$12.8 million settlement in overtime pay class action
    AT&T IT Workers$12.5 million settlement in overtime pay case
    UPS$12 million settlement
    Longs Drugs$11 million settlement
    SBC Communications$10 million settlement
    Perdue Farms$10 million settlement
    CostCo Wholesale Corp.$8 million settlement
    California State Automobile Association$8 million settlement
    Allied Group$8 million settlement
    Farmers' Insurance Exchange$8 million settlement
    Cadence$7.6 million settlement
    Wells Fargo IT Workers$6.72 million settlement
    Inter-Con Security Services$4 million settlement
    Adecco Vacation Pay$3.1 million settlement
    McCormick & Schmick's$2.1 million settlement
    Premera Blue Cross Overtime Pay$1.45 million settlement
    Martin, et al. v. Bohemian ClubClass Action Complaint; Joint Stipulation of Settlement
    Best Buy DiscriminationChanges in personnel policies

    Environmental Law

    BP Gulf Oil SpillMulti-state environmental disaster
    Porter Ranch Natural Gas LeakUncontrolled gas leak
    Santa Barbara Oil SpillPipeline rupture

    Tennessee TVA Coal Ash Spill$27.8 million settlement
    Exxon Valdez Oil Spill$1.5 billion in awards and other payments
    DuPont Imprelis HerbicideNearly $400 million in claims paid
    GCC Richmond Works Toxic Discharge$180 million settlement
    Unocal Refinery Toxic Discharge$80 million settlement
    Louisiana Crawfish$45 million settlement
    Sacramento River Toxic Spill$16 million settlement
    Kentucky Coal SludgeSettled claims for 400 property owners
    Toms River Cancer IncidentsConfidential settlements

    Personal Injury & Mass Tort

    Securities & Financial Fraud

    Microchip Technology Inc.Securities Fraud
    Grand Canyon Education Inc.Securities Fraud

    First Capital HoldingsSettlement valued at $1 billion
    Bank of New York Mellon Corp.$335 million class settlement
    Wells Fargo & Co. Shareholder Derivative Litigation$240 million settlement
    State Street$300 million settlement
    BroadcomSettlements valued at $197.5 million
    Scorpion Technologies$170 million jury verdict
    McKesson HBOC$145 million settlement
    Informix/Illustra$136 million settlement
    Diamond FoodsSettlement valued at $127.3 million
    Bank of New York Mellon ADRs$72.5 million settlement
    AXA Rosenberg$65 million settlement
    Tyco International$54 million settlement
    Princeton Notes$50 million settlement
    Peregrine$45 million settlement
    Cablevision$34.4 million settlement
    FPI/Agretech$32 million settlement
    California Micro Devices$31 million settlement
    Media Vision$31 million settlement
    Network Associates$30 million settlement
    FundAmerica$13 million settlement
    Brooks Automation$7.75 million settlement
    PetrobrasConfidential settlement
    American International GroupConfidential settlement
    Celera CorporationConfidential settlement
    AOL Time WarnerClients recovered 50 times what they would have received in a class case
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch MergerConfidential settlements
    Alex.Brown SecuritiesConfidential settlement
    Qwest CommunicationsClients in these direct actions recovered 13 times more than the recovery they would have otherwise received in class litigation
    National CenturySettlements valued at over 70% of client's $89 million in losses

    Whistleblower Law

    CephalonAlleged off-label marketing
    State StreetFraud involving currency exchange transactions
    Unnecessary Surgery (Heart Stent Defibrillators)Fraud in Medicare and Medicaid

    University of Phoenix$78.5 million settlement
    Office Depot Government Pricing$77.5 million settlement
    Sutter Anesthesia Billing$46 million settlement
    ATK$37 million settlement
    Avaya, Lucent & AT&T$21.75 million settlement