Toshiba Laptop Screen Flicker

Result: Extended warranty and reimbursement for repairs
Year: 2004

Lieff Cabraser negotiated a settlement with Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (“TAIS”) to provide relief for owners of certain Toshiba Satellite 1800 Series, Satellite Pro 4600 and Tecra 8100 personal notebook computers whose screens flickered, dimmed or went blank due to an issue with the FL Inverter Board component.

Under the terms of the Settlement, owners of affected computers who paid to have the FL Inverter issue repaired by either TAIS or an authorized TAIS service provider recovered the cost of that repair, up to $300 for the Satellite 1800 Series and the Satellite Pro 4600 personal computers, or $400 for the Tecra 8100 personal computers. TAIS also agreed to extend the affected computers’ warranties for the FL Inverter issue by 18 months.

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