Exploding Samsung Top-Load Washing Machines

Lieff Cabraser represented consumers in federal court in New Jersey in cases focusing on complaints about Samsung top-loading washing machines that explode in the home, causing damage to walls, doors, and other equipment and presenting significant injury risks. Owners reported Samsung top-load washers exploding as early as the day of installation, while others saw their machines explode months or even more than a year after purchase. The lawsuit sought injunctive relief as well as remedial and restitutionary actions and damages, and a nationwide settlement was reached bringing an end to the case.

Further information on the exploding Samsung washers

Beyond damage to the washing machines themselves, reports include descriptions of glass and other machine parts being shot across garages and laundry rooms at distances of over 15 feet, with consequent damage to other appliances, water heaters, and homes. Several Samsung top load washer owners report avoiding injury from the exploding debris and equipment pieces only by fortunate timing or physical blocking from other pieces of furniture or equipment, often mere moments after the owners had their heads or hands right by the machines.

Owners have reported Samsung washer explosions in regions as far-flung as CaliforniaFloridaNorth Carolina, and Texas, and owners have expressed concerns about warning other Samsung top-load washer owners to prevent serious injuries as well as similar property damage. One Texas owner reported an explosion so loud it could be heard outside the house, with a force so strong it knocked photos off the walls. Multiple YouTube videos recorded by Samsung top-load washer owners show exploded machines as well as damage and debris resulting from the blasts.

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    August 12, 2016
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