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Result: Extended warranty and reimbursement for repairs
Year: 2000

Lieff Cabraser served as one of the Court-appointed Class counsel in consumer fraud litigation against Weyerhaeuser Company relating to its exterior hardboard siding. In Williams, et al. v. Weyerhaeuser Company, Civil Action No. 995787 (S.F. Superior Court), plaintiffs alleged that Weyerhaeuser hardboard siding installed on homes and other structures throughout the United States from January 1981 to December 31, 1999 was inherently defective and prematurely failed when exposed to normal weather conditions.

Plaintiffs further alleged that Weyerhaeuser was aware of the defects in its siding, but concealed the defects from consumers and marketed and sold the siding as a suitable exterior siding product.

On December 22, 2000, the Honorable Alfred G. Chiantelli of San Francisco Superior Court granted final approval to a nationwide settlement of the case. Under the terms of the settlement, Weyerhaeuser agreed to pay all timely, qualified claims made during a nine year claims program. There is no cap on Weyerhaeuser’s potential total liability.

Class members who make claims under the settlement will be entitled to an inspection by a Court-appointed, independent inspector, who will ascertain whether or not the siding on the Class member’s home has damage that qualifies under the terms of the settlement for compensation. Class members will then receive a check for their damages, based upon the total square footage of damaged siding, multiplied by the cost of replacing, or, in some instances, repairing, the siding on their homes.

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