Aviation Injuries

Achieving Justice for Aviation Accident Victims

We appreciate that it is a time of deep pain and grief for the families of those who perished following an aviation disaster. Even so, you will likely have questions as to why the accident occurred, what the duties and responsibilities of the airline and the aircraft manufacturer might be and the precise nature and extent of your legal rights.

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Representing clients in aviation cases requires sensitivity and compassion as well as extensive knowledge and experience in the complex field of aviation law sufficient to determine the cause of aviation tragedies and obtain fair compensation for the victims or their families.

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With offices in San Francisco, New York, Nashville, and relations with lawyers worldwide, Lieff Cabraser is uniquely positioned to answer your questions and represent your interests.

Passionate, principled advocacy

Our attorneys are committed to upholding the rights of aviation disaster victims and promoting aviation safety. We invest the resources necessary to succeed in every case we accept, and to providing the very best representation and support possible for our clients. We regularly communicate with our clients and work closely with them throughout the litigation process. Our attorneys work as a team, drawing upon their combined knowledge, training, and skills to provide our clients with decades of experience in the field of aviation law.

With each case we take on, we seek not only to represent our clients, but also to bring about change in the aviation industry. Airlines, airports, airplane manufacturers, and governmental agencies have the duty to protect the safety and security of passengers. We are committed to representing the interests of victims in aviation disasters and to ensuring that passenger safety and security is the aviation industry’s number one priority.

Experienced aviation attorneys

Our aviation attorneys have over forty years of experience litigating aircraft accident cases. We represent passengers and persons on the ground injured in aircraft accidents, and the families of loved ones who perished.

We have affiliations with internationally-renowned aviation safety, airport design and operations, and disaster reconstruction experts to assist in the investigation of cases and provide expert analysis of aviation incidents. Our attorneys have repeatedly secured substantial recoveries for victims of aviation disasters and their families.

The resources to hold the powerful accountable

Our legal skills, along with our ability to advance the costs in our clients’ cases, enable us to take on the most powerful corporations in the world and the large defense firms that represent them. We have successfully litigated against many of the world’s largest commercial airlines and aircraft manufacturers, including Boeing and Airbus.

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