Japanese Bank Princeton Notes Securities Fraud

Result: $50 million settlement, a 100% recovery for our client
Year: 2001

Kofuku Bank Ltd. and Namihaya Bank Ltd. v. Republic New York Securities Corp., et al. and Related Securities Fraud Actions (“Princeton Notes” cases)

Lieff Cabraser represented Kofuku Bank, Namihaya Bank and Kita Hyogo Shinyo-Kumiai (a credit union) in individual lawsuits against, among others, Martin A. Armstrong and HSBC, Inc., the successor-in-interest to Republic New York Corporation, Republic New York Bank and Republic New York Securities Corporation for alleged violations of federal securities and racketeering laws.

Through a group of interconnected companies owned and controlled by Armstrong – the Princeton Companies – Armstrong and the Republic Companies promoted and sold promissory notes, known as the “Princeton Notes,” to more than eighty of the largest companies and financial institutions in Japan.

Lieff Cabraser’s lawsuits, as well as the lawsuits of dozens of other Princeton Note investors, alleged that the Princeton and Republic Companies made fraudulent misrepresentations and non-disclosures in connection with the promotion and sale of Princeton Notes, and that investors’ monies were commingled and misused to the benefit of Armstrong, the Princeton Companies and the Republic Companies.

In December 2001, the claims of our clients and those of the other Princeton Note investors were settled. As part of the settlement, our clients recovered more than $50 million, which represented 100% of the value of their principal investments less money they received in interest or other payments.