Perdue Farms

Result: $10 million settlement
Year: 2002

Trotter v. Perdue Farms, Inc. Wage & Hour Lawsuit

Lieff Cabraser represented a class of chicken processing employees of Perdue Farms, Inc., one of the nation’s largest poultry processors, for wage and hour violations.

The suit challenged Perdue’s failure to compensate its assembly line employees for putting on, taking off, and cleaning protective and sanitary equipment in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, various state wage and hour laws, and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Under a settlement approved by the Court in 2002, Perdue paid $10 million for wages lost by its chicken processing employees and attorneys’ fees and costs. The settlement was in addition to a $10 million settlement of a suit brought by the Department of Labor in the wake of Lieff Cabraser’s lawsuit.

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