As reported by the S.F. Chronicle, the San Francisco Unified School District has been awarded a substantial $24.65 million payment from vaping industry giants Juul and Altria in a landmark settlement allocation that is set to revolutionize the District’s health resources, facilitating the hiring of 76 health-focused professionals, including nurses and counselors. The influx of funds arrives at a critical juncture, with teens and their families still grappling with a debilitating and sometimes even deadly vaping plague, and with the district facing a large budget shortfall and the prospect of significant job cuts seeming inevitable.

The settlement that led to the allocation is part of a broader vaping fraud and teen injuries litigation filed by Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel, representing various educational, governmental and tribal entities against Juul. The lawsuit accused JUUL of deceitfully marketing its e-cigarettes to minors, leading to a surge in teen vaping incidents. The funds awarded in the settlement are earmarked for critical initiatives such as anti-vaping education campaigns and the bolstering of student health services, aimed at counteracting the rising tide of teen vaping and its associated health risks. This settlement not only provides immediate financial relief but also signifies a proactive step towards safeguarding the health and well-being of students in San Francisco.

Read the full article here, on the San Francisco Chronicle website.

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