Axa Rosenberg Investor Litigation

Result: $65 million settlement
Year: 2012

In re AXA Rosenberg Investor Fraud Litigation

We served as Co-Lead Counsel for a class of institutional investors, ERISA-covered plans, and other investors in quantitative funds managed by AXA Rosenberg Group, LLC and its affiliates (“AXA”). Plaintiffs alleged that AXA breached its fiduciary duties and violated ERISA by failing to discover a material computer error that existed in its system for years, and then failing to remedy it for months after its eventual discovery in 2009.

By the time AXA disclosed the error in 2010, investors had suffered losses and paid substantial investment management fees to AXA. After briefing motions to dismiss and working with experts to analyze data obtained from AXA relating to the impact of the error, we reached a $65 million settlement with AXA that the Court approved in April 2012.