FedEx Express Race Discrimination

Result: $54.9 million settlement in race discrimination class action
Year: 2007

Satchell, et al. v. FedEx Express Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

In 2007, the court approved a $54.9 million settlement of the race discrimination class action lawsuit by African American and Latino employees of FedEx Express. The settlement required FedEx to reform its promotion, discipline, and pay practices.

Under the settlement, FedEx will implement multiple steps to promote equal employment opportunities, including making its performance evaluation process less discretionary, discarding use of the “Basic Skills Test” as a prerequisite to promotion into certain desirable positions, and changing employment policies to demonstrate that its revised practices do not continue to foster racial discrimination.

The settlement, covering 20,000 hourly employees and operations managers who have worked in the western region of FedEx Express since October 1999, was approved by the Court in August 2007.

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