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Quest Diagnostics Data Breach

Blood testing provider Quest Diagnostics suffers major data breach from August 2018 through March 2019 exposing the personal, financial, and medical data of 12 million patients

Lieff Cabraser represents plaintiffs in a data breach lawsuit filed against Quest Diagnostics over the exposure of millions of patient medical and financial records. One of the biggest blood test providers in the United States, Quest Diagnostics admitted to federal regulators that the personal financial and medical information of nearly 12 million people was exposed in a massive data breach. The breached data includes credit card numbers, bank account information, medical information, and Social Security numbers.

Though the breach began as far as back as August of 2018 and continued until the end of March 2019, Quest says it still does not have sufficiently detailed or complete information on the breach to make a full report to regulators.

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