Mobil AV-1 Aviation Oil Litigation

Result: $12.5 million settlement
Year: 1995

Gross v. Mobil Allegedly Defective Engine Oil

Lieff Cabraser served as Plaintiffs’ Class Counsel in this nationwide action involving an estimated 2,500 aircraft engine owners whose engines were affected by Mobil AV-1, an aircraft engine oil. Plaintiffs alleged claims for strict liability, negligence, misrepresentation, violation of consumer protection statutes, and for injunctive relief.

Plaintiffs obtained a preliminary injunction requiring Defendant Mobil Corporation to provide notice to all potential class members of the risks associated with past use of Defendants’ aircraft engine oil. In addition, Plaintiffs negotiated a proposed Settlement, granted final approval by the Court in November 1995, valued at over $12.5 million, under which all Class Members were eligible to participate in an engine inspection and repair program, and receive compensation for past repairs and for the loss of use of their aircraft associated with damage caused by Mobil AV-1.

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