Fleetwood Motor Homes

Result: $250 payment to class members
Year: 2003

McManus. v. Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.

Lieff Cabraser served as Class Counsel on behalf of original owners of 1994-2000 model year Fleetwood Class A and Class C motor homes. In 2003, the Court approved a settlement that resolved lawsuits pending in Texas and California about braking while towing with 1994 Fleetwood Class A and Class C motor homes.

The lawsuits alleged that Fleetwood misrepresented the towing capabilities of new motor homes it sold, and claimed that Fleetwood should have told buyers that a supplemental braking system is needed to stop safely while towing heavy items, such as a vehicle or trailer. The settlement paid $250 to people who bought a supplemental braking system for Fleetwood motor homes which they had purchased new.

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