Martin County Kentucky Coal Ash Spill

Result: Settled claims for 400 property owners
Year: 2003

Environmental damage from the Martin County Coal Slurry Spill in Wolf Creek.

On October 11, 2000, a coal waste storage facility owned by Massey Energy ruptured, spilling 1.25 million tons of coal sludge (a wet mixture produced by the treatment and cleaning of coal) into rivers and waterways in Martin County, Kentucky, near the town of Inez. Hundreds of properties were contaminated, with some properties covered by five feet of coal sludge. This was one of the worst environmental disasters in the Southeastern United States.

Wolf Creek

With co-counsel, Lieff Cabraser represented over 400 clients in property damage claims, including claims for diminution in the value of their homes and properties. In April 2003, the parties reached a confidential settlement agreement on favorable terms to the plaintiffs.

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