Hurd Millwork Window Defects

Result: $5.3 million settlement
Year: 1998

We served as one of three lead counsel for a class of persons/entities who own property in the western U.S. in which Hurd Millwork Company, Inc. (“Hurd”) sealed insulated glass windows and/or doors have been installed.

Plaintiffs alleged that Hurd, a manufacturer of premium insulated windows and doors, represented and warranted that its inert gas-filled products were filled with inert argon or krypton gases, when in fact, Hurd transported these products to the western U.S. in such a manner that allowed the gases to escape. The defendant denied all allegations.

In December of 1998, the Superior Court of Spokane County, Washington granted final approval of a $5.3 million settlement in the class action lawsuit. The consumer claim filing deadline has now passed, and payments have been disbursed.

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