GM Ignition

In Re General Motors LLC Ignition Switch Litigation, 14-MD-2543 (JMF); 14-MC-2434 (JMF)

Lieff Cabraser served as Co-Lead Counsel in In re General Motors LLC Ignition Switch Litig., multidistrict litigation involving economic loss and personal injury/wrongful death (PI/WD) cases arising out of GM’s manufacture and sale of vehicles with defective ignition switches and other defects. Our firm had shared primary responsibility for consumer claims, representing five nationwide classes of GM vehicle owners and lessees whose claims were resolved for $121 million, plus fees, in a settlement granted final approval by District Judge Jesse M. Furman on December 18, 2020. Judge Furman also oversaw a series of bellwether PI/WD trials, as well as litigation resulting in multiple individual and group PI/WD settlements.

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