A federal court judge has granted preliminary approval to a settlement between Samsung Electronics and consumers who asserted claims that certain Samsung top-load washing machines could have their tops detach, their drain pumps fail, and even explode during normal use. Between the terms of the settlement preliminarily approved by Judge Timothy D. DeGiusti of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma, and the existing washer recall, more than $200 million is being made available to the class.

The substantial benefits provided by the settlement to the class include:

  • A full refund to any Class Member who has experienced a Top Separation or who experiences one within seven years of purchase;
  • Samsung has increased its Minimum Recall Rebate to 15.5% of the Estimated Purchase Price of their Washer;
  • Class Members who choose to keep their Washers and have Samsung perform the Recall Repair are entitled to a cash rebate of up to $85 toward the purchase of a Samsung Major Home Appliance that is transferable to any Class Member’s immediate family member or household member;
  • Class Members who have Samsung perform the Recall Repair in the future are entitled to have the Recall Repair completed within fourteen days of the Class Member’s request. If the Recall Repair is not performed within fourteen days, through no fault of the Class Member, Samsung will provide the Class Member with a $50, fully transferable, cash-equivalent card (e.g., Visa or American Express);
  • A complete repair of the drain pump for any Class Member who experiences a Drain Pump Failure in a Selected Washer within three years of the notice date. Additionally, Defendants will replace any Selected Washer with a new, comparable machine if they cannot repair the drain pump;
  • Class Members who have already paid to have their Drain Pump repaired in a Selected Washer due to Drain Pump Failure can recover up to $150 in reimbursement for the costs of repair;
  • Defendants will pay up to $400 in expenses (e.g., dry cleaning) to Class Members who have experienced either a Top Separation or Drain Pump Failure;
  • Samsung will pay all costs for state-of-the-art notice and claims administration from a nationally-respected class-action settlement administrator; and
  • Samsung will pay attorneys’ costs and fees in addition to the relief it is providing directly to the Class.

A complete list of affected washer model numbers and further detail on the settlement is available online at http://www.washermdlsettlement.com/.

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