Lieff Cabraser Nashville office Managing Partner Mark Chalos spoke at length with News4 Nashville to reveal “shocking” provisions and lapses in scooter app use agreements. After extensive research into potential lawsuits against the scooter industry showed that smartphone app scooter rental companies like Lime, Bird, and Lyft believe they have no accountability for user accidents or faulty equipment, Chalos explained, “There are some really shocking provisions they’ve hidden in the fine print.”

Though the companies’ agreements vary with regard to specific language, their disclaimers include statements that the vehicles are machines that can malfunction, even if properly maintained, and can cause injuries — alongside a marked absence of warranties that the equipment will be in good repair or error free. In addition, the agreements contain provisions that the companies’ total liability for claims is only $100. And if you enter into arbitration with them over any incident, whether in Nashville, Massachusetts, Texas, or any other location, that accident or injury arbitration must take place in Los Angeles.

“We know that nobody is reading it, these companies know that no one is reading it,” Chalos said. Hiding such significant and restrictive provisions “in the fine print on your phone, in legalese, is not sufficient,” Chalos added.

Read News4’s piece on hidden liability restrictions in scooter app disclaimers.

About Mark P. Chalos

The managing partner of Lieff Cabraser’s Nashville office, Mark Chalos represents individuals who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries and families whose loved ones died due to the negligence or misconduct of others. Mark represents counties and cities across the U.S. as well as Native American tribes and health organizations in the national opioids litigation. He is serving as part of the national case leadership in these cases, including preparing bellwether cases for trial.

Through jury trials, Chalos has held wrong-doers accountable, including representing 32 school children who were videotaped undressing in their school locker room ($1.28 million jury verdict) and a young woman who suffered a severe brain injury in a car wreck (nearly $4 million jury verdict). He also obtained an $8 million arbitration award on behalf of a business client, and overall has obtained millions of dollars in settlements for families who have been harmed by wrongful conduct.

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