Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration transmitted an official warning letter to JUUL Labs Inc. alleging violations of federal regulations by JUUL for marketing its e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes without approval from the FDA. The letter expressed serious governmental concerns and requested additional specific information from JUUL about its advertising targeted at youths and students in school.

These letters are the latest in a series of efforts the agency has taken as part of its commitment to providing greater oversight over the e-cigarette market as it relates to the FDA’s ongoing investigation into to JUUL in the wake of hundreds of reported injuries and at least five deaths relating to vape use.

When commenting on the warning, acting FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless, M.D. stated, “The law is clear that, before marketing tobacco products for reduced risk, companies must demonstrate with scientific evidence that their specific product does in fact pose less risk or is less harmful. JUUL has ignored the law, and very concerningly, has made some of these statements in school to our nation’s youth.”

Commissioner Sharpless further noted, “We are troubled about several issues related to JUUL’s outreach and marketing practices that came to light in a recent Congressional hearing. We’ve put the industry on notice: If the disturbing rise in youth e-cigarette use continues, especially through the use of flavors that appeal to kids, we’ll take even more aggressive action.”

Read the FDA’s Full Release here.

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