As reported by Law360 (subscription), plaintiffs in Juul e-cigarette fraud and injury cases united to file two consolidated complaints on Wednesday, unifying allegations that the vaping powerhouse caused widespread lung injuries by aggressively and fraudulently marketing its devices to underage teens and younger children.

As Law360 notes, in the complaints, which comprise class action fraud cases and individual personal injury cases, the plaintiffs told the court that Juul, along with cigarette manufacturer and stakeholder Altria Group Inc., “deceptively pushed e-cigarettes as a way to help people stop smoking, while in reality the devices were intended as a new delivery vehicle for nicotine addiction that raked in profits for the companies.”

“Every step of the way, JLI, by calculated intention, adopted the cigarette industry’s playbook, in coordination with one of that industry’s innovators, big tobacco giant Altria,” the plaintiffs said. “Through careful study of decades of cigarette industry documents, JLI knew that the key to developing and sustaining addiction was the amount and efficiency of the nicotine delivery.”

The plaintiffs maintain that Juul and Altria did not simply omit the dangers of vape use from its marketing, but instead took great pains to conceal studies that revealed its products were in fact more addictive than old-style cigarettes and that warned of a direct link between vaping and susceptibility to cardiovascular and pulmonary disease.

Read the full article on Law360’s (subscription) site.

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