The New York State Legislature has approved a bill extending the Child Victims Act that gives survivors of childhood sexual abuse more time to bring lawsuits for allegations that occurred even decades ago. As reported by (subscription), on Wednesday, lawmakers in the state voted to extend the legal “look-back” window by an extra year, officially pushing the filing deadline for new claims to August 2021.

Supporters of the extension observed that more time is needed for survivors to bring lawsuits, particularly amid the unprecedented societal upheaval and court disruption brought by the Coronavirus crisis.

The Child Victims Act, enacted in January of 2019, opened up a then-one-year window for victims to file child sex abuse lawsuits that had been previously barred by statutes of limitation. The act triggered a wave of litigation against abusers in youth groups, hospitals, churches, and schools, as well as individual actions. The law also provides survivors of childhood sex abuse with the opportunity to bring civil lawsuits against their abusers and the institutions that protected them until the survivor reaches the age of 55.

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A historic step forward for child protection, the extension of the New York Child Victims Act deadline:

  • Extends the time frame for child sexual abuse victims of any age to bring lawsuits for abuse that occurred even decades ago
  • Revives previously barred actions related to sexual abuse of children

The window allowing prosecution for abuse that occurred even decades ago now closes in August of 2021.

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Lieff Cabraser represents individuals nationwide in sexual abuse lawsuits against their physicians, teachers, clergy, and other abusers, including the USC sexual abuse litigation filed on behalf of nearly 18,000 women abused by University gynecologist George Tyndall, where Lieff Cabraser partner Annika K. Martin served as co-lead class counsel whose efforts led to a historic settlement for victims of $215 million and sweeping institutional reforms at USC.

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