As reported by Michigan Live, mediation has begun between lawyers representing the University of Michigan and those representing victims of the late Dr. Robert E. Anderson, a former UM doctor and athletics program physician accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of student-patients over a period of three decades. The lawsuits against Anderson allege he used his position to repeatedly and regularly abuse University of Michigan students in the guise of providing medical care.

Lieff Cabraser partner Annika K. Martin, who was appointed interim class counsel for plaintiffs in the litigation against Anderson and UofM, said there are a lot of moving parts with mediation because there are individual lawsuits, as well as the class-action lawsuit she filed against the university.

Martin noted that she and her firm hope to leverage mediation to obtain institutional reform to make certain that offenses like this never happen again. She explained that individual lawsuits cannot ask for relief and change of an institutional nature as they can provide only monetary compensation for past harm to the survivor.

“Obviously, as part of the class, we, too, want monetary compensation for the past harms to survivors, but we also want forward-looking change and institutional reform at UM,” Martin said.

The lawyers for the victims are hoping the progress of the mediation will offer insight into UofM’s level of commitment to creating meaningful and lasting change.

“How committed are they to, you know, owning up to the failures that allowed this to happen for decades, to decades of students?” Martin asked. “That’s something that remains to be seen.”

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