As reported by The Detroit News, new information has been uncovered in the University of Michigan / Dr. Robert Anderson Sexual Abuse Lawsuit relating to how the late former UofM doctor and athletics program physician, accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of student-patients over a period of three decades, was able to survive sexual misconduct allegations that arose early on in his career. [The lawsuits against Anderson brought on behalf of sexually abused students by Lieff Cabraser and other law firms allege that Anderson abused his position to repeatedly and regularly molest University of Michigan students under the guise of providing medical care.]

A 73-page police report recently made public reveals that after Anderson’s behavior came to the attention of top UofM officials in 1979, and again in 1980, instead of being directed to leave  the university or transfer to another department — as university officials had told police in an earlier report — Anderson was instead given a different high-profile position within the UofM Athletic Department that still involved student-patient contact, and he retained that position and the trust of the university for another 24 years.

Lawyers representing the University of Michigan and those representing victims of Anderson are currently engaged in mediation that may resolve the accusations out of court.

Learn more about the student athlete sexual abuse class action against the University of Michigan / Dr. Robert Anderson.

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