The New York Times Magazine has published a powerful piece outlining the slow and harrowing journey to freedom for Yutico Briley, a falsely accused New Orleans man who was recently exonerated and released from prison after serving eight years of a 60-year sentence for a robbery he did not commit.

It was Briley’s correspondence with New York Times journalist Emily Bazelon that changed his life forever. He wrote her a letter after hearing her on the radio discussing her 2019 book, “Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration.” Moved by his shocking story of injustice, Bazelon connected Briley with her sister, University of San Francisco Law Professor Lara Bazelon, who then teamed up with Lieff Cabraser partner Robert Nelson to represent Briley and ultimately win his freedom.

To read the extraordinary story in full, visit The New York Times website.

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