Fortune has published a moving opinion piece written by Williams College alumna Summer-Solstice Thomas, a former track and field co-captain, a 6-time All-American, and conference nominee for NCAA Woman of the Year 2020. Thomas writes that “it could have been me,” in detailing the allegations involved in the sexual abuse class action lawsuit against the NCAA and former track coach John Rembao. Thomas, a former player under the coach, calls out the National Collegiate Athletics Association for failing to protect its players and turning a blind eye to abusive behavior by coaches. “The NCAA must do more to protect student-athletes from sexual abuse,” she wrote.

The lawsuit, filed by Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel, alleges that between 1996 and 2001, John Rembao groomed and then emotionally and sexually abused at least three women while coaching them at the University of Arizona and the University of Texas-Austin. The complaint alleges that the NCAA put student-athletes and all NCAA member schools in harm’s way by failing to prohibit sexual abuse, sexual harassment, or sexual contact between coaches and student-athletes, and by permitting coaches accused of sexual abuse to move unfettered between NCAA schools. The complaint also alleges specific claims against former track coach John Rembao on behalf of all NCAA student-athletes coached by Rembao during his career as track and cross-country coach at the University of Arizona, University of Texas-Austin, and other NCAA universities.

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